(Slowly) Starting the Asian Party

So the time has come and I am officially in Hong Kong. For those of you who don’t know (not sure why you would be reading this if you don’t), Vid and I are moving to the other side of the world for work and will be living in Hong Kong for two years. During that time, we plan on using the city as a base from which we will explore many other Asian countries.

We we will be including posts on both our lives living abroad in Hong Kong as well as our trips to surrounding countries. Vid and I have agreed that I will be responsible for the writing and she is in charge of the photography. Personally, I think she has the better job, but this means I get to caption all of her pictures! Since Vid doesn’t get to Hong Kong until later this week (Thursday), you will notice that this post (and the blog itself) does not contain any pictures yet (I really can’t be trusted to operate the camera by myself) 😦

As most of my first couple days have been quite boring as I get settled into the new place and prepare for work on Monday, I thought I would include some of my very first (and admittedly, stupid) observations about the city:

– There is no grass in Hong Kong, anywhere. I have come to this conclusion based on my observations walking around the past two days and by the fact that I have witnessed several dogs casually peeing on the sidewalks, some not even stopping to do it. Just because there are trees, this does not imply there is grass, as several trees have been mysteriously growing out of the concrete.

– 240 volts is a lot of freakin’ power. I have actually been quite careful when plugging devices in after seeing a huge spark that arced over at least half and inch!

– I can already tell what foods people here eat, or more precisely don’t eat, by what is expensive in the grocery stores. Dairy (milk, eggs, yogurt) is very pricy – I might be in trouble!

Check back for many more (and I promise, substantially more interesting) posts as we start our Asian party 🙂


7 thoughts on “(Slowly) Starting the Asian Party

  1. kiarmo

    This is an awesome idea, Matt, and I’m looking also very forward to seeing the photos that Vid posts. Maybe you can share your new Cantonese words of the 200 you’re going to learn? 🙂

  2. Jose S

    I believe the Title of this post in your blog is misleading. There is no party anywhere in this story. Although the bit about the dogs peeing without stoping was kinda interesting. Let’s pick it up a little bit for next time shall we.

    Can Vid take a pick of you sitting in a lawn chair with a watering can, enjoying the shade of a random tree growing in the concrete. It can be “Your thing”.

  3. Lora

    Just discovered your blogs and I love them! Totally agree with Jose about the party 🙂 So very true about the grass…noticed this as well when I was there.


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