The Temporary Accomodations

Our current place is about 700 square feet and in the Wan Chai area (222 Queen’s Road East). It’s definitely not anything too special, but is fine as a temporary place. The maid service (washing dishes, changing sheets, making bed, cleaning-up our messes, changing towels) is by far the best part!

Here are some pictures of the suite:

Coincidentally, I am living on Spring Garden again. It’s kinda like I am back in North York on Spring Garden Avenue. This picture is taken looking down off our balcony (at 5 am by a jet-lagged photographer):

The area surrounding our place is quite diverse (as we are seeing a lot in Hong Kong). Walking out our front door, there is a 50+ floor office/shopping tower, a Rolls Royce dealer and a McLaren dealer. Going out the back door, the narrow street houses a local street market with several types of meats for sale (some hanging in the windows)!


3 thoughts on “The Temporary Accomodations

  1. ultimart

    Why ever watch TV on the couch when you can just swivel it around to the bed?! With the maid service, sounds like Hong Kong Spring Garden is a step up compared to Toronto Spring Garden. Try some window meat!


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