A legendary story (by Vid)

Have you ever wondered about that legendary story of that great-great-grandpa who arrived in Canada with nothing more that ten dollars in his pocket, and a heart full of hope and determination to build a good life for his family?

Well, I arrived in Hong Kong with nothing more than ten dollars in my pocket, and a bag full of Indian snacks.

Before leaving New York, in my typical carefree (read careless) state I had forgotten my wallet in my parents car.  I discovered this bit of unpleasantness as I was about to board my flight to Hong Kong.  I thought I had lost my wallet.  Understandably, I was upset, not because I didn’t have my license/credit/debit cards with me but, because I had just lost a thoughtful gift from my good friend, Maureen.  Just a few weeks earlier, Maureen had surprised me with a wallet and some memorable wallet-sized photos, after I made a comment about her wallet saying that it was the perfect size to travel with. Poop happens, and I boarded the flight depressed.  I also didn’t have an easy way to reach anyone because my phone didn’t have a SIM card yet.  But luckily, I found a hundred Hong Kong dollar bill in my passport case from a previous trip to Hong Kong.

100 HKD

$100 HKD = $12.82 CAD

And that is how I landed in a foreign country with nothing more than ten dollars in my pocket (or $12.82 CAD to be precise), and a bag full of Indian snacks (packed by my awesome mom)!

I was beginning to believe in the plausibility of those legendary great-great-grandpa stories. They, just like me, could have forgotten their wallets full of cash back in their home country before hopping on that boat.

Still, no problem, I was confident I would survive poverty.  I knew Hong Kong transit would be cheap and efficient, unlike the Canadian kind.  So not only did I manage to reach my destination safely, but I was also left with seven lucky Canadian dollars to build a good life with.

And it has most definitely been good thus far.  In just over a couple of days, I managed to compound my seven dollars into hundreds of dollars. Lucky for me, Matt’s generous 😉

The REAL Arctic North (not Canada)

The real Arctic North (not Canada)

I don’t know why I’m sharing this photo. It has nothing to do with my story. But it’s a pretty neat view of the glaciers in the Arctic north, taken during my gruelling 14-hour flight. Note: I flew in peasant-class unlike other jet-setting-business-class folk who shall not be named here.


5 thoughts on “A legendary story (by Vid)

  1. Ioana M

    I loved this story! BTW, you were an inspiration… I suggested to Nick to start a blog too to document his adventures in Great Canadian North 🙂

  2. Lora

    Oh darling how I have missed you…Laughed when I read this… “typical carefree (read careless) state.” This is why you need people like Matt and me around :)…Love you!!!


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