Not built to be a farmer! (by Vid)

When I’m not at the community center “geek station,” I try to learn and help my host-family with some minor farming related activities. This brings me to another thing I’ve learnt. Farming is painful!  I knew it would be hard work, but I had no appreciation for the laboriousness of farming until I lived it.  Farming with no machines is just unnecessary torture.

This afternoon, I helped my host-family by beating the living daylights out of a stack of soy bean harvest.  The goal is to beat the beans out of their pods.  The beans are then swept and collected manually with a broomstick, and then cleaned and laid out to dry.  The amount collected today would be enough to feed one family for a couple of months.  So this is self-sufficient organic farming and not mass-production farming.

Releasing my frustration, due to the daily random power-cuts, in a productive way.

A great way to release energy release if one is restless or frustrated.

Soy beans out of their pods!

The beans are out! Amen.

Beans are collected and washed, ready to go into my tummy in the form of Dahl!

The final product.  Soy beans for delicious Dhal…yummm!

Enjoying my Dahl with rice 🙂


3 thoughts on “Not built to be a farmer! (by Vid)

  1. kiarmo

    Good thing you won’t be coming here during seeding or harvest or Miles would try to put your newly-developed farming skills to work! Matt is still safe… 🙂

    1. Vid

      Hah! After an afternoon of “farming” here I feel ready for anything. Miles would love it here I’m sure. They grow so many different things. I’ll post some pics. The only down side is that it’s all manual because they are grown on terraces and tractors and other machines can’t be maneuvered easily. But I’m sure Miles would have some good ideas on how to work around that! I feel like this is how farming must have been like in Canada a half a century ago. Much respect for that henson of farmers!


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