Weekend to Macau

We originally had very high expectations for Macau, thinking it would be comparable to Las Vegas. Before our trip, friends who had visited lowered our expectations to a reasonable level. There are some big hotels and casinos, but isn’t that much more. We were able to explore the old town – the Portuguese settlement which was pretty cool. My standard jumping shot is taken outside of Ruins of St. Paul’s:

Ruins of St Paul's

Vid and I also took a more normal shot:


One of the highlights was the pretty fabulous Bakkwa (flat, salted-dried meat) available on the streets. Name the meat (chicken, pork, beef, lamb….), it is available in a flat sheet:


The hotel itself was very impressive; apparently the Venetian Macau is larger than the Venetian in Las Vegas and is the larger hotel in Asia. Our room, at over 1700 square feet, certainly reflected this:

Venetian Hotel

You couldn’t even tell the difference between the Canals in Vegas and Macau:

The Canals

The rest of the pictures are on Facebook:

Macau 2013


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