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Documenting the delicious food we have eaten (created specifically for Tina & Maureen)

A tasty way to spend time while waiting on deliveries in HK

Make a home-made veggie burger!  My apologies if you came looking for exotic food.  There are no deep-fried insects or animals sticks posing as snacks here.  Just sharing with you exciting news (for me anyways) of my very first home-made veggie burger!

 It’s delicious and easy to make.  Here is a link to the recipe online:

Made it while waiting at home for a couple of deliveries.  On that note, this is the land of deliveries. Everything is delivered to your door-step.  Even my toilet brush, which I could have easily carried home, was wrapped up neatly and delivered to me today.  Yes, I could have carried it home, but why carry my own things like a fool from a western country when someone else is paid to do it?  Right? Now, if only they delivered milk for free.  At the rate we consume milk…

Now back to my meal – here are a couple of photos of the burger:

Veggie burger

Smoky sweet potato burgers with roasted garlic cream and avocado

One down, nine more to go!  Nom..nom..

Veggie burger

Give it a try if you’re bored at home.   This is a tasty way to spend time while waiting at home on deliveries.